Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Can Make That! #1

Do you ever see something in the store and you think, "Wow, that's really cool, but there's no way I'm paying that much for it!"  I know I do all the time.  A lot of times I think, "I'll bet I could make that."  I know my limits of course and some of you are probably way more talented than I am.  For those of you who feel that you don't have much creative talent, this is the post for you.  It's my intention to show you that given the right idea and some simple instructions you can make all kinds of stuff on the cheap.  Or, maybe it's not that you lack creative talent, but that you just don't have the time to figure out how to make something.  That's where I aim to help too.  I've already taken the time to think this stuff through, research it, and experiment with it.  All you have to do is follow my direction.

I begin "I Can Make That! #1" with the simplest of simple things.  Soap.  I know you're thinking, "Huh, soap.  Yeah, I've got other places to be."  But, let me explain.  How many of you have kids who love foaming hand soap?   And how much do you hate paying what they want for soap of all things?  Did you ever stop to think about what foaming hand soap really is?  Well, I'll tell you.  It's watered down liquid hand soap.  Yup, that's all it is.  You pay more for the added color and scent, but you get much, much less.  How dumb is that!?  Really dumb.  So instead of buying more of this overpriced soap or the ridiculous refills, just make your own.  Here's the recipe.

To make 8 ounces of foaming hand soap you need:

2 oz. liquid hand soap (clear, lotion, antibacterial, whatever you have on hand)

6 oz. water
liquid food color

Mix the liquid soap and water together in a water tight container.  I generally just shake it to mix it.  Add enough liquid food color to make the desired color, (what a plus! you actually get the color you like instead of always just green!) usually about eight drops.  Add more if you'd like a darker color, but be careful that you don't add so much that you over-dilute your soap.  Pour your soap into the dispenser, making sure to leave some air space so the pump will work.  You will still need the special pump that is used for foaming hand soaps, so you'll need to buy the regular stuff at least once, but from then on the sky is the limit!

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  1. Wow! that is the storey of my life. I hate paying so much for crap you can make at home. However, I maybe very creative, but I lack in following directions. UGH!

    So it looks like I will forever be paying the high prices.