Monday, April 5, 2010

"Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake." - Unknown

Weekend before last was my baby boy's second birthday.  Picking a birthday cake for a two year old is pretty easy.  When you're two, you don't know a lot.  Somebody tells you it's your birthday and you go with it.  So, I decided that we'd order a Kipper the Dog cake.  My family has loved Kipper since my sister first gave us the book Kipper's Monster.  I thought, what's better than a Kipper cake for your second birthday?  


Lucky for us, we know a good baker, because if you Google "kipper cake", you get some pretty ugly looking cakes (and some fish recipes too).  I know that the people who made them thought they were great, but I thought they were really ugly.  We called the only Baker we know.  First name Jade, last name Baker.  Truly.  She makes some really cool cakes and without a speck of fondant in sight.  She's now training for other endeavors, but I'm hoping that if we treat her nice, she'll be willing to make a small cake for us now and then.


I give you . . . the Kipper Cake.  Simple, adorable, and fondant-free.


Kipper and the gang

 Here is a close-up of Pig, Kipper, and Tiger.


Pig, Kipper, and Tiger

As an added bonus, I'm throwing in a few pictures of a couple other cakes she made for us last year.  They were Monsters vs. Aliens cakes for my son's 6th birthday.  The first cake had a tragic accident, which we won't go into, but let me just say that the second cake she whipped together for us two hours before the party was pretty darn cool too.  


Monsters vs. Aliens cake #1 met a tragic fate

I especially love the jelly oozy-ness of B.O.B. on the second cake.  It actually looks like he's going to drip right off.  

Monsters vs. Aliens cake #2 swoops in to save the day

I can't wait to see what she whips up for the next birthday!



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  1. She's good. Why didn't we know about her for your birthday last fall. Instead we had to go with Fred Meyer.