Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HaHa! I Won An Award!

The lovely Michelle over at SoccerMom was gracious enough to give me a blogging award today and I think that's totally awesome!  Thank you so much Michelle!  I'd love to give a link to her blog so that you can check it out, but it's by invitation only, and you're not on the list!  Nyah nyah!  (Go ahead and try it.  I dare ya.)

I think Michelle should get a Loyal Follower award simply based on the fact that she's the only one who consistently reads and comments on my blog.  She knows I love her though.  You know how I know that she knows?  Because she CONSISTENTLY READS AND COMMENTS ON MY BLOG!  Anyway, thanks so much for the award Michelle, I think it's really cool that you thought of me and I love reading your blog every day.  Sometimes I think, whoa, did she just say that?  And yes, yes she did. 

My job now is to follow these rules:
  1. Thank the awesome person who gave you this award. ( Done, see above.)
  2. Copy the award to your blog. (Done, see above.)
  3. Post a link to their blog and attest to their greatness. (Hmm, well, just trust me that it's great.)
  4. Name 7 things that people do not already know about you from reading your blog. (Huh, 7?  Well, okay.  Done, see below.) 
  5. Nominate other bloggers, and . . .
  6. Place a link to their blogs, and don't forget to . . .
  7. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know.  (Done, done, and done.  See below.)
So, seven things you don't know about me from reading my blog.
  1. I recently became a die hard fan of Craig Ferguson, but I'm not his #1 fan because I don't plan on stalking him any time soon.
  2. I love to drink Bubble Tea, especially with the giant black pearl tapioca.  Yum.
  3. My favorite singer is Björk and every time I think of her I hear Emma Thompson's line from Love Actually when she talks about Joni Mitchell, "I love her.  And true love lasts a life time."
  4. My parents were very concerned about me in high school when I went through my "dark phase" because I was very interested in serial killers.  No worries, though.  I made it through and I'm pretty normal now.  Sort of.
  5. Currently, my favorite shows to watch are Big Bang Theory, House, Dexter, Fringe, and Bones.  And also, I hate reality shows, except . . .
  6. I love to watch the medical mystery and freak shows on TLC on Sunday evenings.  You know the ones about conjoined twins, the mermaid girl, tree man, etc.
  7. Finally, I still have the stuffed pony that my sister gave me when I was four(?)  Pony sits on my bedside table and watches over me as I sleep, but apparently doesn't do a very good job because I have the weirdest freakin' dreams . . .  But, after reading through my list I suddenly begin to see why.
Now then, who should I nominate for this award?  Well, even though I enjoy quite a few blogs out there, my favorite one is still The Cutting Edge of Ordinary.  Lisa's blog is all about food and family and I can't even begin to describe how much fun it is to read.  Honestly, it's like going to your best friend's or your older sister's house, having a cup of tea, and gabbing about your life.  She has amazingly beautiful pictures of the yummy food she makes as well as incredible pictures of her garden.  Reading Lisa's blog is what first inspired me to strike out and start my own blog, so I definitely think she deserves an award.  Especially since I Googled the award and found out that it's for "bloggers who put their hearts on display as they write from the depths of their soul."  Wow.  Then I believe Lisa definitely deserves this award as does Michelle.  So go check them out.  Well, at least go check out Lisa's blog and then cry your eyes out cuz you're missing out on Michelle's.

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