Friday, April 2, 2010

Video Friday - People Really Like Milk by Billy Kelly

Last week on Zooglobble Stefan matched up Billy Kelly's People Really Like Milk against Seattle's own The Not-It's with their new video Come Play at Our House in his yearly KidVid Tournament.  The race was very close, but in the end The Not-It's narrowly beat out Billy Kelly. 

Personally, I really like both videos and it was tough to choose just one, but I ended up voting for the Not-It's simply because I believe in supporting the home team when it comes to Kids Music bands.  Still, I really like People Really Like Milk so I'm featuring it this week for Video Friday.  I think you'll agree that this is a fun song and video, and it definitely puts a smile on your face.  What a great way to start a gloomy, stormy Friday.  It's already got me in a much better mood.

So, enjoy People Really Like Milk as you munch your morning cereal and have a fun and fantastic Friday!


  1. 13 year old boys find this insanely hilarious...go figure.

  2. All the cool kids are drinking milk, so why not? You have to admit that it is pretty hilarious!