Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Craig

I recently shared the fact that I've become a fan of tv's Craig Ferguson, the hilarious host of CBS's The Late, Late Show.  Today just so happens to be his birthday, and I just thought it would be fun to share some Craig Ferguson stuff with you.

Also, today I just finished his book American on Purpose:  The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot and I enjoyed it so much I started listening to it again.  That's right, I said listening.  I have very little time to read books lately, but I can mix audio books with some of my more monotonous duties at work.  I must admit that I also got the audio book version because I half hoped that it would be narrated by Craig himself, and yay!  It was!  I highly suggest that you check out the audio book version first.

I've never been a late night talk show kinda person before, and for good reason.  I just can't stay up late enough to watch the shows.  I have to admit that they just never really interested me before either.  But I love watching The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  And thanks to YouTube, I can watch it any damn time I want to!  Check out Malinky's TV's Craig Ferguson Channel for a great Craig Ferguson fix.  He uploads the entire show every night for your viewing pleasure.  Thanks to Malinky I can even watch Craig Ferguson on my iPod, and that makes me happy beyond measure.  (Ooh, cute little rhyme there.) 

If you are a true fan of Craig, you know that he loves to tweet.  You can follow CraigyFerg on Twitter and become part of his Robot Skeleton Army.  And speaking of Geoff Peterson, here's a fun little link so that you too can make your very own robot skeleton.

Choosing a favorite episode of TLLS is nearly impossible, they are always good, no matter who the guest is.  However, I do love the combination of Lauren Graham and Craig Ferguson.  She's absolutely charming and yet ridiculously silly all at once.  And Craig is, well, the same way Craig always is with any beautiful, smart, and funny woman.  It's comedy gold.

You should also check out the show's intro for their puppet routine.  Hilarious!  And did you know that you can get your own Nadine and Wavy puppets to reenact skits at home?  Check out the Folkmanis website to see a behind the scenes video of the 1000th episode of TLLS.

If you're interested in seeking out Craig Ferguson in other forms of media check out his stand-up comedy.  His recent show A Wee Bit o' Revolution is very funny.  I especially like the bits that he does about his mum.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a video of that so you'll have to be happy with the Sean Connery bit.  Still hilarious though.

And if you haven't seen it yet, watch Saving Grace.  Craig co-wrote and stars in the movie with the wonderful Brenda Blethyne and Martin Clunes (of Kipper the Dog fame!)  It's based on a true story and was the inspiration for the spin-off show Doc Martin.  (By the way, a big thanks to Jeanne who got me hooked on Doc Martin.  I'll watch it with you anytime!)

Did you know that Craig Ferguson won a Peabody award for his interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu?  Whaaah?  I knowwww!  He did and you can see the entire episode with a brand new introduction by Craig airing tonight on CBS.  Or you can watch the original interview here.  It's awesome.  I love how the Archbishop says, "I think you're crazy!" and then giggles like a little girl.  It's very, very good.  Just to hear the Archbishop laugh is well worth watching it.  Craig Ferguson really does have an awesome talent for interviewing people.  The award is well deserved.

I'll finish this post with one of my favorite parts of The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson . . . the awkward pause.  Occasionally, Craig will choose a guest to perform an awkward pause as a finish to the interview.  It's hilarious to watch and truly unique to Craig.  My favorite one, arguably the best one yet was part of the same show as the Lauren Graham interview above.  It's an interview with Simon Helberg from The Big Bang Theory (another favorite show of mine).  The interview itself is not necessarily the best, but the awkward pause at the end?  Shear perfection.  Enjoy this great compilation of awkward pauses, which includes some of Simon's awkward pause with Craig. 

By the way, if you haven't seen it yet, go see How to Train Your Dragon.  It's something that even the adults will enjoy.  And if you haven't guessed by now (or have been living under a rock), Craig Ferguson does the voice of Gobber, one of the Scottish Vikings.  I love it.  Scottish Viking, who would have thought?


  1. Can't watch the Desmond Tutu interview anymore; it's not available.

  2. Sorry about that. Malinky's account was suspended and all the links and videos I had were lost. I tried to fix the post as best as I could, but nobody had the same videos or the same quality as Malinky did. Hopefully this is just a huge misunderstanding and his channel will be up and running again soon. In the mean time, I was able to find the Desmond Tutu interview again and you can check it out through the link provided above.

  3. Malinky is back with a new channel! YAY!!! I'm not sure if everything was lost, or will just take some time to put back up. Malinky mentioned it on his Twitter, but promises to blog more about it this weekend. In the meantime, some of the links in this post have been fixed, replaced, or removed. I'll keep on top of it and fix things again if possible. Much love to Malinky!