Friday, May 14, 2010

Video Friday - Cat in a Bathysphere by the Hipwaders

I love this song, and my sons love this video.  It's a good combination of edgy sound for the parents and cool underwater adventure for the kids.  The Hipwaders are the kind of band who love the freedom of doing kids music because they can pretty much experiment with any kind of sound that they want.  Whatever they do, however they do it, it all sounds good.  While most people would probably choose Educated Kid (off their album by the same title) as an example of the band's work, I lean in the opposite direction with Cat in a Bathysphere.  No doubt about it, what ever your style you'll find something about the Hipwaders to love.

Happy Friday everyone!  Let's hope that all the squid you meet today are very nice
. . . in bite-sized portions.

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